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Sometimes Obedience looks like starting before you're ready...

Jes, Mikala, and Tia all gave their, "YES!" to God with courageous hearts and a whole lotta trust in His provision. Starting a business is expensive and between a teacher, a pastor, and a blogger, there are no piles of extra cash laying around to keep things afloat! Since May of 2017, these ladies have all given their time and talent to the development of Collected for very little compensation. 

It won't always be this way. The Collected team believes in what God has asked them to do and they know that growing this business-shaped ministry is just going to take time. But for now, this crew is not too proud to ask for help! 

Up to now, the operational expenses of Collected, both the workshops and the podcast, have all been funded from personal bank accounts. If you believe in what God is doing through Collected, throw something from your own bank account their way. Your generosity will not only keep the websites up and the episodes dropping, it will really encourage the hearts of these three women! 

Your donation is not tax deductible. If that's not okay with you, you could also HIRE Collected! They would be so honored to serve your community through a workshop or retreat

If that doesn't work for you, you could also buy an ad on the podcast! Email to learn more about partnering with Collected through marketing.


Thanks for believing in us. You really can't imagine how your backing impacts and propels us!