Five hidden barriers to kingdom culture

Kingdom Culture looks like every person operating from their true identity and walking in their unique purpose as they cultivate relationships and carry out activities that support God's will "on earth as it is in Heaven."

Here are five types of unhealthy people that might be lurking in your organization, building potentially toxic barriers to Kingdom Culture amd how to bring healing to them and everyone around them.

1. Dismissive Commanders


  • Withhold permission for new projects to begin or ministries to form

  • Hold people at arms length until they "prove themselves"

  • Ideas only flow from the top down

  • Ideas flowing from the bottom up are seen as distractions or threats

  • Demonstrate a scarity mindset

  • Seek conformity and like-mindedness

  • Closed off to anything that doesn't align with personal preference



  • Carefully vet new ideas for projects or ministries and promote them as often as possible. 

  • Make connections for people who might be able to collaborate.

  • Offer support and covering to emerging leaders who are pursuing God's purposes in their lives

  • Recognize and value different methods, styles, and personalities that align with the ministry of Jesus Christ.

  • Declare and celebrate God's abundance in everything through graditude, testimony, and praise.

  • Welcome all newcommers with openness and acceptance.

  • Be patient with new leaders and offer guidance with Grace.

2. Disempowered Leaders


  • Feel they've been "put in their place"

  • Afraid of trying again because of past rejection

  • Shame over wrong thinking or methods in the past

  • Hold a wrong view of self

  • Suffer from imposter syndrome

  • Easily frustrated or annoyed



  • Give honor in ordinary moments before anything extraordinary has been achieved. 

  • Lavishly pour out words of prophetic affirmation and affection.

  • Celebrate collaboration among community members.

  • Co-operate to elevate new leaders whenever possible.

  • Encourage and equip anyone who is afraid to go after their dreams

  • Speak life over those who are held captive by shame, fear, or rejection.

  • Inspire dormant leaders with a fresh assignment.

3. bored and dissatisfied bystanders


  • Uninvolved, low participation

  • Grumbling and complaining about observed dificiencies with no intent to bring solutions

  • Living for self, views service as another "to do".

  • No understnading of purpose

  • Constantly offended and conflict-prone



  • Engage and invite the ones who like to fly under the radar.

  • Call out skills, gifts, or possible passions and put them to use.

  • Help obigatory servers by giving them relational assignments.

  • Call out the miraculous goodness in one another instead of correcting perceived faults or shortcommings.

  • Engage in healthy conflict that leads to greater intimacy rather than gossip and arguments that cause offense and disunity.

  • Explore past and repeated victories to help reveal hidden purpose.

4. Uninspired Sleepers


  • Do not recognize their own depth and capacity

  • Unable to think critically or make a decision

  • Follow blindly and change directions and focus frequently

  • Creative minds with past successes, but no new ideas

  • Constantly feel like, "There has to be more!"

  • Lots of ideas, but no action is ever taken

  • Excuse makers



  • Give them a voice in higher-level decision making processes.

  • Stretch them with a new role working on something that is both creative and long-term.

  • Get to know what gets them excited or angry to help them discover their passion.

5. Stuck people


Any and all of the symptoms from #s 1-4



Host a Collected Workshop or Retreat and see your company, church, or ministry get unstuck, activated, and impassioned!

What if every person in your community or organization was free from offense and disctractions? Forgiveness, healing, honor, worship, mission, and healthy relationships would flourish.

What if every single person in you community or organization came to know exactly who they are in Christ and began walking in their unique Kingdom purpose? Ministries and businesses that cultivate the Kingdom of Heaven on earth would abound. Leaders would rise up to take their place. The bored and dissatisfied would find meaning in a life lived for something greater than themselves. The uninspired would connect with their creative nature. The stuck would become free to move and those who were already moving would pick up the pace!


Collected workshops are centered on worship, restorative creativity, and designated time for reflection, evaluation, and setting intentions. We help you set up a safe environment for your people to practice low-stakes creative risk-taking that will give them the grit and courage to embrace their gifting and step further into their calling. 

We recognize that maturity and healthy relationships begin with owning the Truth of who God is and how He lovingly created, rescued, and raised us up with Christ. Our goal is to bring solidify that Truth in the heart of every participant through worship, exploration, and practical application. Like you, we want to see Believers become activated in their faith as they lay down distractions and frustrations so they can truly know God’s great love for them and understand their identity as sons and daughters of the King.

We would love to chat with you about working together to serve your people.