Episode #08- Kelvin Massio

The One with Kelvin Massio

Kelvin Massio is the Social Enterprise Director at Freedom Global, the Owner and Team Lead for Amali Safaris, and a shameless mama’s boy.

On the podcast this week, Kelvin shares his heart for leveraging everything he does for something greater than himself or his own agenda. Inspired by his mother, Elizabeth, Kelvin focuses on living a life of love with Jesus as his model.

More about Kelvin:

Kelvin graduated in 2010 with an Advanced Diploma in Business and Management from the Association of Business Executives (A.B.E) in the UK offered through Graffin’s Business College in Nairobi. At this time Kelvin was working helping his mom in her small shop in Tigoni. She allowed him to have a small space to sell his wares, tomatoes, and potatoes. It was here in his mom’s shop that he learned his greatest formulas and secrets in business.

Because of financial difficulty during his last semester, Kelvin dropped out of college. Money problems led him to co-found and start his first business, Tigoni Refuse Company. Shortly after, he went back to college, finished, and came back roaring! While still running his business, he got a full-time job and started working in a retail shop in Nairobi. While there, he started his second business, a Taxi/Car hire business. Shortly after, he had a longing to do something that involved people, so he started his biggest business, Amali Safaris.


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