Episode #11- Katie Dixon

The One with Katie Dixon

Katie Dixon is an athlete, fitness coach, dancer, entrepreneur, ambassador for local brands, leader, wife, and mama. She makes appearances at Collected Workshops, works on the board of directors for the Cornelius Cultural Arts Group, serves on the team of leaders at Young Elites, and much more. On the show this week, we talk about what it looks like to allow abundance to flow, building life around community, the power of collaboration, and the importance of setting an intention with time for reflection in the end. Enjoy!


After years of being chained to a desk in corporate America, Katie Dixon knew she was missing out on her true passion in fitness. In 2010, she took a leap of faith and made a major financial sacrifice to open a fitness studio. In the process, she found that the real mission was in the story. Through fitness and motivational speaking, she challenges others to overcome fear. No one should feel like they are living a rented life of doing what's expected of them, but authentically owning the the life that is given to them by God. Katie believes that fitness is the vehicle for a far greater message. Today, Katie and her husband Mike make a powerhouse duo having opened their second location while they work on expanding into a podcast and booking greater speaking engagements.

Find Katie on Instagram at @kadikatie,

You can find kadi fit on Instagram and Facebook at @kadifit and bloc. at @bloc.clt.

Check out Katie’s blog at kadifit.com/blog.

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