Episode #13- Nicole Magryta

The One with Nicole Magryta

Nicole Magryta, MBA, RDN, LDN, is a nutrition consultant, educator, certified integrative health coach, and author specializing in integrative and functional medicine therapies for adults and children. Her lifelong Catholic faith and the example set by her late Aunt are her inspiration to live a life that that reflects the love of Jesus.

In her private practice today, Nicole has changed the lives of countless people by tackling chronic disease from the root and not the leaves.

She can be found throughout her community transforming school wellness programs, guiding large corporate wellness plans for companies such as GE and Conagra, as well as sitting on the board of directors of Live Healthy Carolinas. 

With additional culinary training, she spends her spare time transforming food in her test kitchen, teaching, inspiring, and developing quality, nutrient-dense foods for corporate and community clients.

Nicole lectures extensively to academic, business, and community audiences on integrative nutrition, family and children’s health, disease prevention, and healthy cooking techniques. She lives in Davidson, NC, with her husband and two children. Find out more about Nicole at www.nicolemagryta.com


This book will change your family’s relationship with food. It holds the answers to our nourishment crisis and exposes our cultural food norms that contribute to the epidemic of chronic disease affecting half of all Americans. In Nourish Your Tribe, Nicole describes the powerful impact food and the environment have on our children’s development and long-term success.

Using clear parenting techniques, illustrations, and the latest science-verified nutritional recommendations, she shares expert guidance to maximize your family’s lifelong health and minimize illness.

Empowering and hands-on, Nourish Your Tribe acknowledges that quality nourishment is essential to reach full human potential — crucial knowledge for parents committed to raising healthy children.


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