Episode #23- Kim Honeycutt

The One with Kim Honeycutt

Hold onto your seats, folks! This one is a deep dive and a wild ride! This week we are honored to chat with Kim Honeycutt, a top-rated psychotherapist with all the letters after her name, the author of But Your Mother Loves You, the founder of icuTalks, and a regular communicator at Mosaic Church in Charlotte, NC.

We’re talking about rejection, shame, and blame and how to get free from toxic relationships. It all sounds so serious, but we promise Kim’s humor keeps it light and love for God are all over every word she speaks. Enjoy!

Kim Honeycutt graduated from Columbia College in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina in 1998. After years of working in secular facilities, Kim wanted to be more open about her life as a Christ-centered recovered alcoholic.

As a result, she founded Peer In Counseling Center in 2005, a Christ-centered psychotherapy organization open to all seeking emotional healing. As a Psychotherapist, Kim provides individual, couple, and family therapy services at her office in Huntersville, NC.

In addition to providing therapy, she also has been published in several magazines including My School Rocks, Static, and Charlotte Woman. Her speaking engagements include TedxCharlotte, Myers Park High School, Substance Abuse Prevention Services Center, Providence High School, Independence Hill Baptist Church, Mosaic Church, Grace Crossing Church, Grace Covenant Church Women’s Ministry, and Columbia College to mention a few. Kim has made regular appearances on television and has been featured on National Public Radio.

Her book But Your Mother Loves You: How to Overcome the Cycle of Toxic Love and Live Your Life Without Shame will teach you groundbreaking ways to navigate toxic relationships and stop shame-based living.

Kim is also the President and co-founder of icutalks a speaking ministry that helps people hear the message of God’s redeeming Love. Check out Tia’s icuTalk here. Be sure to tune in for her new podcast icuTalks: Hear Voices on iTunes as well!


If you would like more information on Kim’s upcoming speaking engagements, please visit kimhoneycutt.com or icuTalks.com.

Facebook: facebook.com/kbhoneycutt

Twitter: @kbhoneycutt


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