Episode #40- Will + Andrea McGinniss

The One with Will + Andrea McGinniss

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You may know bass guitarist Will McGinniss from the two-time Grammy Award-winning Christian rock band, Audio Adrenaline. He and his wife Andrea have leveraged their positioning to come alongside the people of Haiti through two incredible organizations: Hands and Feet Project and Haiti Made.

The Hands and Fee Project, inspired by fan reaction to the song “Hands and Feet”, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing family-style, residential care for children in crisis. 

The organization broke ground on their first Children’s Village in Cyvadier, a small town on the Southern coast of Haiti, and began their journey of serving the forgotten children of the impoverished Caribbean nation. Now, The Hands and Feet Project has grown to include multiple locations across the southern peninsula that provide family style care for children in need. 

Moving forward, Hands and Feet continues to fight against the orphan crisis by preserving families first, providing families when necessary, and reunifying families when appropriate. With a newly opened daycare for mothers in crisis, and robust job creation initiatives, Hands and Feet brings sustainable solutions to help families stay together and thrive in their communities. 

Haiti Made was born out of a deep desire to see the Haitian people empowered by sustainable and dignified employment as a part of a larger effort to promote economic growth and a fight to keep families together. More than half of Haiti’s people live on less the $2.50 US daily, and the orphan and child slavery crisis in the nation is largely fueled by a lack of economic opportunity.  Job creation has proven to succeed where perpetual aid measures have failed. Employment means provision, stability, and the preservation of family.  One job created in Haiti often supports up to ten others.  Their hope is to see the Haitian people holding the keys to their own economic recovery, empowered to envision a brighter future. 

Originally started under the Hands and Feet Project, Haiti Made is now a for-profit since 2017, our top down Haitian staff takes pride in crafting products of the highest quality, design, and functionality using leather sourced with-in Haiti.  Haiti Made is made up of women rescued from human trafficking, young men and women who have transitioned out of the orphan crisis, families seeking to provide for their children, and Haitians from many other walks of life, who are finding themselves able to provide for their family, and other extended family by joining the Haiti Made team. Like most Haitian people, they are not looking for handouts. They are looking for a path to sustainable responsibility for their own economic future.  A job fuels dreams and provides an economic engine for all to live and thrive, not just survive. 

Haiti Made is committed to paying a living wage.  On average their workers make two times the nations minimum wage and have opportunity to climb the ranks in the organization, becoming middle and upper managers.  Haiti Made is Haitian run and is also an equal opportunity organization licensed in Haiti and following all of the Haiti labor laws.  They also use other international manufacturing standards.  All products have been tested and have passed environmental hazard and impact standards.

Listen as Will and Andrea get super real about the joys and struggles of non-profit life, orphan care, sustainably serving and living in a developing country like Haiti, and more!


Haiti Made
Web: haitimade.com
IG: @haitimadeco

Hands and Feet Project
Web: handsandfeetproject.org
IG: @hafproject

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