Episode #42- Gene Krcelic

The One with Gene Krcelic

Happy Thursday!

Today, we are interviewing Gene Krcelic, an accomplished author, speaker, entrepreneur and leader. Gene’s journey has been as diverse as it is long.Before joining the Premier Foundation in 2009, Gene created and served as CEO for OMG, a multi-faceted sponsorship, music, sports, and event management firm with offices in the Southeast and California. Over his career he has negotiated contracts for clients and non-profit programming with global brands including Coca-Cola, EMI CMG, Nike, Reebok, Land Rover, BMW, Family Christian Bookstores, Black Entertainment Television and the Boys Choir of Harlem.

In the early 1990’s, Gene served as President of the nonprofit event management firm Greenville Events, Inc. where he managed events and relationships with the ACC Baseball Tournament, First Night, BMW Olympic Torch Run, the Chinese Olympic Federation, and Tour DuPont.

Gene is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He is married and has two beautiful daughters.

Connect with Gene on Instagram at @gkrcelic.

Gene’s first book, Loves Like A Hurricane: When God Whispers in the Dark is the true story of a Catholic turned agnostic turned Christian through a wild web of odd encounters while running from a hurricane-like God. The journey carries you down many paths while God whispers and shapes a young heart until He kicks the door wide open with a disaster of biblical proportion, changing everything. Loves Like a Hurricane is a hard hitting, feet to the fire tapestry that will make you laugh, cry and force you to think about how you will respond when God whispers your name. It reveals how God’s loving grace turns apathy into compassion into action.

Gene’s recently released children’s book titled, Go God Go!, takes readers on a journey through the seven days of creation with lyrical styling and timeless art work. It's fun, inspiring, and a reminder of God's power, creativity, and perfection.


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