Episode #44- Rina Norwood

The One with Rina Norwood

Hello, listeners!

Rina Norwood is a Charlotte-based interior designer for RND. Her work takes her to Tennessee, Atlanta, South Carolina cities around Charlotte. She creates and edits sophisticated interior spaces with the client in mind. When she’s am not moving furniture pieces around, she’s painting faith-inspired artwork or greeting guests at one of her AirbnbPlus rentals in Boone and Nashville.

She’s passionate about the visual narratives that beckon a welcomed stay. Her design aesthetic is a blend of casual elegance narrated by suggestive hints of modernity. Her approach is to help you create and edit interior spaces based on a 15-step organized design process in taking your dream project from conception to installation. These proven methods will bring clarity to the process of interior design and manage overall expectations. Her end goal is to create a look that fits the client’s style and spending plan. Each project is unique in its projection of style and functionality in keeping with her clients’ expectations and my sense of intuitive style.

Prior to her practice of Interior Design, she breathed life and personality to walls through decorative painting. Listen as Rina shares her passion for creating spaces and environments that usher her clients into God’s presence.

Principal Designer: Rina Norwood Design

Phone: 704. 806.2145

Website: rinanorwooddesign.com

Instagram: @rinanorwooddesign

This Side of Paris: @thissideofparis

Facebook: Rina Norwood Design

Twitter: @rnorwooddesign

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