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Episode #26- Natasha Hemmingway

As a Meaningful Success Coach, Natasha helps her clients to lean into their faith, so that they can develop the strength, resilience and confidence they need to achieve success and true joy in their lives. Her own path of struggle and self-discovery inspires her commitment in helping women and teen girls push past their own pain and fears, and rise into their greatness — so that they too can achieve meaningful success on their terms.

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Episode #20- John-Mark Dyer

John-Mark Dyer is a missionary with You With A Mission in Kona, Hawaii. He helps lead the largest YWAM school in the world. He has traveled to 45 nations, launched online training platforms, merchandise lines, produced short films, has a YouTube channel and recently published his second children’s book! All his projects are centered around his desire to help people meet Jesus in the same profound way that he did.

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