Collected Workshops

What if every person in your community was free from offense and distractions?

Forgiveness, healing, honor, worship, mission, and healthy relationships would flourish.

What if each one came to know exactly who they are in Christ and began walking in their unique Kingdom purpose?

Ministries and businesses that cultivate the Kingdom of Heaven on earth would abound. Leaders would rise up to take their place. The bored and dissatisfied would find meaning in a life lived for something greater than themselves. The uninspired would connect with their creative nature. The stuck would become free to move and those who were already moving would pick up the pace!

Collected Workshops + Retreats are designed to help believers lay down distractions and frustrations so they can discover their true identity and walk in their unique purpose as Kingdom cultivators.

When you book an event with Collected, our team comes to your location with a carefully crafted one- to three-day experience that will trigger health and wholeness in the members of your community or organization. A careful balance of planning + intuitive space for God to breathe will leave your entire group transformed. Keep reading and fill out the form below for all the details.

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Collected workshops are centered on worship, restorative creativity, and designated time for reflection, evaluation, and setting intentions. We help you set up a safe environment for your people to practice low-stakes creative risk-taking that will give them the grit and courage to embrace their gifting and step further into their calling. 

We recognize that maturity and healthy relationships begin with owning the Truth of who God is and how He lovingly created, rescued, and raised us up with Christ. Our goal is to bring solidify that Truth in the heart of every participant through worship, exploration, and practical application. Like you, we want to see Believers become activated in their faith as they lay down distractions and frustrations so they can truly know God’s great love for them and understand their identity as sons and daughters of the King.

Hosting a Collected Workshop or Retreat gives you the opportunity to provide an empowering space for your people, where they can step into new experiences, whether boldly or timidly, and see an increase their risk tolerance that will build their courage to obey God.

We would be honored to help you + your community discover what it means to be Collected.

The Collected TEAM

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Worship PASTOR

Mikala Hooper is the Worship Pastor at Newsong Church in Cornelius, NC and the Creative Arts Instructor at a local Christian school. She studied Music Education at Vanguard University and continued her training as a worship leader at DIVE Creative and Bethel School of Worship. As the founder of The Creative Space, a place for kids to freely connect with their creativity, Mikala is able to exercise her passion for evoking every soul's creative nature. As the worship leader for Collected, Mikala's giftedness as a musician combined with her deep love for Jesus become a vehicle for audiences to enter into an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Her energy and ebullience are simply infectious! 

Childhood nickname: Ruthie
Refuses to travel without: A candle and matches
Surprise 30 minutes alone: Get outside and enjoy a cup of coffee


Founder and Director of Collected, Tia McNelly is desperate for every soul to be restored to it's perfect state of oneness and intimacy with Christ. Tia shares bold Truth right from the Word while bringing deep, practical insight through her personal experiences as a single mother, maternity nurse, police wife, international non-profit leader, and long-time Jesus freak. Her affinity for symbols and metaphor mixed with off-kilter humor and straight-up quirkiness help participants feel more like they're having coffee with a friend than sitting in an audience. Find our more about Tia’s coaching and speaking at

Childhood nickname: T-C-Cree
Refuses to travel without: A pop-up laundry hamper, snacks, a back up plan in case of a coffee emergency, and a Bible and journal (and more snacks)
Surprise 30 minutes alone: Rest. (Or coffee!)

CREATive Guide

Jes Biondo is the owner of Sprezza Foundry and a middle school teacher at a local charter school. She holds a master's degree in International Education and Development and has spent much of her adult life serving in other countries. Jes is passionate about Jesus, creative arts, travel, and seeing the whimsy and elegance in the world around her. A Two on the Enneagram and natural people pleaser of the most genuine kind, Jes ushers the peace of Christ into every environment. Her authenticity and joyful disposition puts Collected attendees at ease as she gently pushes them outside their comfort zones to take hold of courage to try new things.

Childhood nickname: Skippy
Refuses to travel without: A journal, watercolors, and a small down comforter that can squeeze into any space
Surprise 30 minutes alone:  Dive into a good book or podcast



We come to your location for a three day + two night retreat

  • Thursday 7pm-9pm

  • Friday 9am-4pm

  • Saturday 9am-noon

During that time participants enjoy

  • Five 30 minute worship sessions

  • Four 45 minute Main Sessions

  • Two 90 minute breakouts on Friday

  • One 15 minute presentation from our charitable partner.




We come to your location for a full day event from 9am-4pM

  • Three 30 minute worship sessions

  • Three 45 minute keynotes

  • Two 60 minute Breakout Sessions

  • One 15 minute presentation from our charitable partner.

  • 30 minute lunch, three 10 minute breaks

Workbooks + supplies for breakouts are included at all of our events!

OUR pricing gives you the flexibility to Choose any of the following options for your attendees:

  1. Host a free event as staff enrichment or community outreach.

  2. Sell partially subsidized tickets if you need to meet a price point that is accessible to everyone in your community.

  3. Price tickets higher than your cost to raise funds to support a partner organization or charity of your choosing.

We provide a marketing plan + Everything you need to promote your workshop— Posters, postcards, promo Slides + social media content

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Collected proudly partners with and supports Flourish Kenya, a registered 501(c)3 that prevents and supports unplanned adolescent pregnancy in rural Kenya.